Sunday, May 20, 2012

Honan Avenue, Beaver Dam and Hinckston

RJ on his Razor 400 heading up Honan Avenue on our way to Hinckston.
A picture perfect sping day and this section of the road had the most intense smell of lilac you could imagine.
The beginning of the beaver dam.
This thing is HUGE!
This is how it looks from high above.
It's also spilling over into the road - it's only a matter of time - before this thing takes this section completely over.
Time for a break - I have to say both my Ruckus and his baby Ruckus took this section really well.
Heading up to the waterfall.
He's never seen a waterfall before.
RJ excited we made it up to Hinckston.
This is where his bike finally ran out of juice - considering it's electric - it made the almost 5 mile trek quite well.

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